This web-comic follows the endeavours of Vermaelen, Captain of the mighty pirate ship Forward. The story is loosely based upon the world of football, or soccer if you want to be all American about it (which you really shouldn't), but more specifically you could say it is based upon a certain club allocated somewhere in the North of London. And no, it's not the one with a cock on its crest.

I am however not affiliated with anyone other than myself (with whom I affiliate quite fondly), and this comic should merely be read as a parody of the football world, as it strays quite far from any actual truth whatsoever (as if the ships didn't give that away). Plot points are for the most part based on exaggerated opinions from fans, and not necessarily based upon my personal view of the subject. They are more often than not chosen for the possible impact and wow-factor, as I feel those are more important in a fictional story than my personal opinions. So not that different from your run-of-the-mill tabloid, then. The main idea came about due to the fact that there's a lot of similar terminology in sea fairing and football, and it just sort of rolled along from there.

So here's hoping you enjoy the comic for what it is, and if there's a particular plot point or reference you don't get, Google might have the answer. If not, feel free to leave a comment! Please do feel free to leave a comment, even though you get every teeny little referential joke - even if it's just to brag that you got every teeny little referential joke.

And remember to always move forward!  - Unless you forgot something really important.


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